Migrate Data to Milvus v.0.10.5

This tutorial introduces how to migrate data from Milvus v0.7.x/0.8.x/0.9.x/0.10.x to Milvus v.0.10.5.

This version is incompatible with v0.11.0.

Step 1: Stop Milvus v0.7.0

  1. Stop the current version of Milvus:

    docker stop [Your_milvus_container_id]
  2. Delete /conf, /logs, and /wal under /milvus:

    cd ~/milvus
    sudo rm -rf ./conf
    sudo rm -rf ./logs
    sudo rm -rf ./wal
    Save a copy of the logs folder if you want to retain log files.

Step 2: Download the configuration file

Create a conf directory and download Milvus 0.10.5 configuration file:

mkdir conf
cd conf
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/milvus-io/milvus/0.10.5/core/conf/demo/server_config.yaml
If the download is unsuccessful, you can open the download URL with the web page, create a new file of the same name in the conf directory, and paste the content of the web page into the file to save.

Step 3: Update the server address of MySQL/SQLite

vim ./server_config.yaml

Ensure that the MySQL/SQLite server address specified in general.meta_uri matches the server address specified in db_config.backend_url. If you use MySQL to manage metadata, the configuration information appears as follows:

  meta_uri: mysql://root:123456@<MySQL_server_host IP>:3306/milvus

Step 4: Download and start Milvus v0.10.5

Download and run a Milvus v0.10.5 docker image using the same mapping path settings as in the current version:

docker pull milvusdb/milvus:0.10.5-cpu-d010621-4eda95
docker run -it -d -p 19530:19530 -v ~/milvus/db:/var/lib/milvus/db -v ~/milvus/conf:/var/lib/milvus/conf -v ~/milvus/logs:/var/lib/milvus/logs -v ~/milvus/wal:/var/lib/milvus/wal milvusdb/milvus:0.10.5-cpu-d010621-4eda95

Step 5: Install the Python SDK corresponding to Milvus v0.10.5

pip3 install pymilvus==0.2.15

Step 6: Verify data correctness

Write and run a Python script to verify data correctness.

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