Try an Example Program

Now, let's run a Python example program. Use this example program to create a table, insert 10 vectors, and then run a vector similarity search.

  1. Make sure Python 3.5 and a compatible pip are installed.
  2. Install Milvus Python SDK.

    # Install Milvus Python SDK
    $ pip3 install pymilvus==0.2.6

    Note: To learn more about Milvus Python SDK, go to Milvus Python SDK Playbook.

  3. Download Python example code.

    # Download Python example
    $ wget
  4. Run the example code.

    # Run Milvus Python example
    $ python3
  5. Confirm the program is running correctly.

    Query result is correct.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed your first vector similarity search with Milvus.

What's next

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