What's New in v0.5.3

Version Compatibility

Milvus version pymilvus version Java SDK version
0.5.3 0.2.5 0.3.0



  • Double the transmission speed of search results to the client application through the following updates to gRPC:

    • Optimize messages.
    • Change the API of generated code.
    • Remove compression.
  • Python SDK

    • Divide the storage of search result ids and distances into separate arrays, which reduces the API response time.
    • Add a new option to retrieve a specific target vector in search results: id = results.id_array[i][j], distance = results.distance_array[i][j].
    • Add a new option for looping over arrays, which takes much less time if nq and topk is large.

      >> for id_list, dis_list in zip(results.id_array, results.distance_array):
      >>     for id, dis in zip(id_list, dis_list):
      >>        print("id={}, distance={}".format(id, dis))
  • Java SDK

    • Add keepalive and idleTimeout settings when connecting to Milvus server.
    • Now users can retrieve search result ids and distances separately through getResultIdsList and getResultDistancesList with better performance, or they can retrieve them together as a list of QueryResult objects through getQueryResultsList.
  • C++ SDK

    • Now C++ SDK uses shared library.
    • Add README file.
  • Enhance the search performance of IVF_SQ8H.
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