Monitoring Metrics

Metrics Overview

The Milvus dashboard provides details about your application and database configuration. It helps you optimize Milvus performance by monitoring the following areas:

Area Description
Performance Metrics Important metrics about Milvus performance.
Hardware Metrics Metrics about CPU/GPU usage, network traffic.
Storage Metrics Metrics about data size, storage capacity and total files.

Performance Metrics

Metric Description
Insert per Second Number of vectors that are inserted in a second. (Real-time display)
Queries per Minute Number of queries that are run in a minute. (Real-time display)
Query Time per Vector Average time to query one vector. Divide the query elapsed time by the number of queried vectors.
Query Service Level A system wide metric. Query service level (%) = nqueriescompletedwithinthreshold1 / n_queries
Generally, it is recommended to set 3 time periods - threshold1, threshold2 and threshold3, to track the query service level.
Uptime How long Milvus has been running. (Minutes)

Hardware Metrics

Metric Description
GPU Utilization GPU utilization ratio (%).
GPU Memory Usage GPU memory (GB) currently consumed by Milvus.
CPU Utilization Divide the time that the server is busy by the total elapsed time.
Memory Usage Memory (GB) currently consumed by Milvus.
Cache Utilization Cache utilization ratio (%).
Network IO Network IO read/write speed (per second).
Disk Read Speed Disk read speed (GB/s).
Disk Write Speed Disk write speed (GB/s).

Storage Metrics

Metric Description
Data Size Total amount of data stored in Milvus.
Total File Number of data files currently stored in Milvus.

Monitoring and Alerting

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