Contribute to Milvus

We warmly welcome and greatly appreciate contributions to all our projects (Milvus/pymilvus/milvus-sdk-java/docs/bootcamp). For detailed contribution process, please refer to our contribution guidelines.

To contribute to Milvus, please follow below steps to proceed:

  1. Browse the existing issues and find the one that you want to resolve, or create a new issue describing your ideas and proposed changes.

    If you are a first time contributor, we recommend that you start by tackling one of the issues with the good first issues label.

  2. Repository owners will reply to your issues promptly.
  3. If the proposed change is accepted, clone the master branch of the repository and start your work in the fork.
  4. Run unit test and submit your pull request to the master branch.

The pull request submitted by you will be reviewed, and if it is approved and merged, congratulations, you become a Milvus contributor.

Improve the docs

Contributions to help improve the documentation are also greatly welcomed.

The Milvus documentation are written in Markdown and follows the Google Developer Documentation Style Guide.

To contribute to the docs, just fork the docs repository and file an issue.

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