Migrate Data to Milvus v.0.10.x

Milvus v0.8.1 is no longer supported. We highly recommend migrating your data to v0.10.x. For demonstration purposes, this tutorial covers migrating data to v0.10.3.

This version is incompatible with v0.11.0.

Step 1: Stop Milvus v0.8.1

  1. Stop the current version of Milvus:

    docker stop [Your_milvus_container_id]
  2. Delete /conf, /logs, and /wal under /milvus:

    cd ~/milvus
    sudo rm -rf ./conf
    sudo rm -rf ./logs
    sudo rm -rf ./wal
    Save a copy of the logs folder if you want to retain log files.

Step 2: Download the v0.10.3 configuration file

Create a conf directory and download the v0.10.3 configuration file:

mkdir conf
cd conf
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/milvus-io/milvus/0.10.3/core/conf/demo/server_config.yaml
If the download is unsuccessful, you can open the download URL with the web page, create a new file of the same name in the conf directory, and paste the content of the web page into the file to save.

Step 3: Update the server address of MySQL/SQLite

vim ./server_config.yaml

Ensure that the MySQL/SQLite server address specified in general.meta_uri matches the server address specified in db_config.backend_url. If you use MySQL to manage metadata, the configuration information appears as follows:

  meta_uri: mysql://root:123456@<MySQL_server_host IP>:3306/milvus

Step 4: Download and start Milvus v0.10.3

Download and run a Milvus v0.10.3 docker image using the same mapping path settings as in the current version:

docker pull milvusdb/milvus:0.10.3-cpu-d091720-f962e8
docker run -it -d -p 19530:19530 -v ~/milvus/db:/var/lib/milvus/db -v ~/milvus/conf:/var/lib/milvus/conf -v ~/milvus/logs:/var/lib/milvus/logs -v ~/milvus/wal:/var/lib/milvus/wal milvusdb/milvus:0.10.3-cpu-d091720-f962e8

Step 5: Install the Python SDK corresponding to Milvus v0.10.3

pip3 install pymilvus==0.2.14

Step 6: Verify data correctness

Write and run a Python script to verify data correctness.

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