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Milvus Admin Release Notes

Milvus Admin is the GUI client of Milvus. You can use Milvus Admin to perform operations to the Milvus server.


Release Date:2020-5-5


Milvus Version Milvus Admin Version
0.9.0 0.3.0


  • Makes some UI changes to improve user experience.
  • Displays connection information on top of the web page.
  • Displays the connected Milvus version on the web page.
  • Compatible with the Milvus 0.9.0 APIs
  • Supports setting auto_flush_interval from Advanced Setting > PERFORMANCE TUNNING > Auto Flush Interval.


Release Date:2020-4-17


Milvus Version Milvus Admin Version
0.8.0 0.2.0

Bug fix

  • Fix the count value does not change after inserting vector. #1853.
  • Support https connection for milvus restful api, if only you have https proxy in front of milvus.
  • Show segments in partition panel.
  • Support displaying new index and metrics alone with milvus 0.8.0.


Release Date:2020-3-14


Milvus Version Milvus Admin Version
0.7.0 0.1.0


  • Support vector insertion, deletion, query, and read.
  • Support the following index types: FLAT, IVFLAT, IVFSQ8, IVFSQ8H, IVF_PQ、HNSW.
  • Support the following distance metrics: Euclidean distance (L2), inner product (IP), Hamming distance, Tanimoto distance, Jaccard distance.
  • Support editing the Milvus server configuration file (server_config.yaml) during runtime. Changes to some parameters take effect immediately without restarting Milvus.
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